5 Ways to avoid Over-use Injury

Scenar therapy

Scenar therapy on shoulder injury

Over-use Injury’s can put a stop to your season before it starts – Scenar therapy can help you stay in the game.


It’s the start of the season, you have just bought your new boots and you’re excited about getting back in the game. You haven’t done much training in the offseason but you know with a bit of effort and hard work you will be match fit by game day. over-use

So you plough full-on into training, running, jumping, scrimmaging and you push yourself because you know “No Pain = No Gain” right?. You realize just how unfit you are but keep pushing through, ignoring that niggling pain, telling yourself pain is good, it means results. But then the unthinkable happens – your pain is so bad you can’t train and you have no idea what you did to injure yourself.

So what is causing you so much pain and how did it happen?   You are more than likely suffering from an over-use injury. Over-use injuries are responsible for almost 50% of all sports injuries.

Some examples of overuse injuries sustained by athletes include Patella Tendonitis (jumpers knee), Shin Splints, Bursitis (shoulder, knee, heal and base of big toe), Sever’s disease (inflammation of the heel’s growth plate), Achilles tendinitis, Osgood-Schlatter disease (knee pain) and tennis elbow.


Unlike acute injuries like broken bones or concussion, which usually result from a single event such as a hit or fall, overuse injuries develop over time and are caused by repetitive stress on tendons, muscles, bones or joints.

Avoiding over-use is a fine balance between enough and too much training. If the breakdown occurs more rapidly than the build-up, then the body doesn’t have time for Remodelling and recovery and will gradually become compromised. This is when overuse injuries occur.



  1. Rapid increase in training duration and frequency
  2. Rapid acceleration of intensity training.
  3. Imbalanced training schedule
  4. Returning to training after a break or injury and doing too much too soon.
  5. Inadequately preparing your body for the training session.



You need to listen to your body and be aware of overuse indicators like a twinge or pain that recurs becoming more frequent and more painful each time, pain after you train and are cooling down or areas that are increasingly sore to touch, STOP don’t push through this kind of pain.

Be mindful of how much or how little exercise you have done in the preceding weeks and decide on a slow and steady approach.

  • Warm up and Stretch
  • Warm up/down and stretch before and after training. Stretch during training if you feel muscles getting tight and stop the activity if the pain is too great.
  • Reduce Impact
  • Increase your training sessions gradually – don’t go from zero to seven sessions the first week back. Start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the length and intensity as your fitness grows.
  • Mix it up** Always avoid overuse of your legs and allow time for remodelling to occur.
  • Create a varied training plan, if your team training is mostly running then your own sessions need to be cross training, swimming or weights,

“Avoid weeks out of the game AND surgery”


Because the pain will gradually increase over time, it is important to take action when you recognize there is a problem. It may only be a niggle now, but left untreated it may develop into a serious overuse injury that requires many weeks out of the game or even surgery.

Scenar therapy is a fast and effective treatment, offering sustained pain relief with overuse injuries and you may only require a couple of treatments to be able to return to normal activities.

Scenar is more efficient than traditional methods of treatment for overuse injuries because it quickly and efficiently reduces inflammation and swelling and restores function to the affected area.


Scenar therapy helps reduce overuse injury

Scenar stimulates the nervous system including the important C-fibres which incorporate 85% of all nerves in the body; the unique biofeedback technology triggers the body’s generation of neuropeptides initiating the body’s own healing powers, alleviating pain and facilitating functional restoration and improvement of the treated area. The sooner Scenar is provided in traumas and injury – the better the effect the Scenar treatment will have and the faster the body will recover.

Maintenance can help BUT Scenar will prevent.

Cutting back on the intensity, duration and frequency of training, using ice after training on the affected area and rubbing anti-inflammatory cream into affected area before and after training are all maintenance measures to help reduce inflammation and keep you going from game to game or week to week however they do not initiate any kind of healing response from your body to improve your situation whereas Scenar therapy will reduce the risk of further injury and set your body on the right track to healing and wellness fast.

Contact me now and I will help you determine if you have an overuse injury and help you get back on the road to recovery in the fastest, safest way.


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