About me


Hi, I'm Wendy. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and asked my guides to show me other modalities and skills I can learn or already knew that could help my clients:

My mission is to restore harmony in your life by helping your body, mind and soul heal and return to its optimal blue-print for better health and wellbeing. 


I was involved in junior sport on the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years, coaching and mentoring kids and dealing with their disappointment when they sustain an injury that put them out of the game. If I had a dollar for every ankle I strapped or cork I rubbed out then I would be rich and if I'd discovered SCENAR therapy back then I would have been able to get all those kids back to playing so much quicker.

I discovered SCENAR therapy & NES Health through my own injury which was so painful and debilitating it stopped me playing and refereeing, and everyday activities and life was in constant pain. My  experience with the treatment was positive, gaining  pain relief from my first treatment and after several treatments was totally pain free.

I had an epiphany or download on the day I was to go for my last treatment which told me ‘I need to do this’.  As I have always followed my intuition, I set about becoming a Level 3 qualified Scenar Therapist and internationally qualified NES Health practitioner.

But that was just the beginning of my journey, Scenar taught me patience because you can not rush the body, NES taught me that 80% of physical pain has an emotional or energetic component so I went on to study Advanced Clearing Energetics with Richard Flook who was instrumental in helping Peter Fraser with the Brain Holograms in the NES scan and learnt about past shocks and traumas that contribute to physical conditions.

chakra balancing

As I worked more and more with energy, I discovered that I have always had the ability to read peoples energy and emotions, that I can feel their physical pain as if it were my own and that I have the ability to trace energy.

I broadened my knowledge into the field of past lives, Karma and Akashic Record readings, discovered that I am a skilled property clearer where I can clear negative and discordant energies including entities and earthbound Souls with ease and grace.

I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and asked my guides to show me other modalities and skills I can learn or already knew that could help my clients.  I introduced the Swords or Light into the clinic in 2022 and this is such a powerful experience for clients having their Light Bodies activated using the power of the Swords.

My repertoire includes intuitive energy healing for people, properties and has extended to client’s precious animals, and because energy is infinite, I am able to do Zoom or phone sessions with clients anywhere in the world with as much accuracy and if they are in clinic.


  • Certified SCENAR Therapist (Level 3)
  • Internationally Certified NES Health Practitioner
  • Ontological Coach
  • Cert III Sports & Recreation
  • Soul Realignment Certified Practitioner
  • ACE Flow Practitioner
  • Sacred Soul Alignment Certified Practitioner
  • EFT & TFT Certified Practitioner
  • QHHT (Hypnosis) Practitioner

I provide a safe, caring and supportive environment for your wellness journey because your wellbeing is my highest priority.