Soul Centred Energy Healing and Lightwork


Your energy introduces you before you even speak.

You are a Soul having a human experience - not as most think a human with a soul.

You have chosen to be here at this time to experience the world and all the challenges as they unfold.  So have faith that everything is as it should be and that everything is unfolding in divine time.

Trust your inner guidance and be guided by it above all else.  External stimulation, collective energy, narrative and agendas are just that  .. external.  They are not a part of who you are and they do not have to influence you to the degree of losing yourself.

Always stay true to who you are at Soul level and to your soul level beliefs  - listen to your body as it sends messages to you about what food to eat, what products you are placing in or on it.  Your body has an innate knowing that the conscious mind cannot grasp.  The more you listen and trust that knowing the stronger it speaks to you.

When you understand that everything is energy and learn to tap into the frequencies of all things without judgement or expectation then you will discover the information of the Universe is in all things.  And when you discover the universal frequency you discover the Source connection and how to tap into the abundance that is the birthright of all beings.

I will help you discover your own inner power and ability to heal yourself, your past traumas, your negative beliefs, clear blockages and reconnect with your over-soul.

The Energetic Body

Physics states that everything in the Universe is made of Energy and Matter.  It can be transferred between objects, is infinite and cannot be destroyed.

Therefore it stand to reason that our physical bodies are also energy and are affected by the energies that surround us.

Our physical body is also surrounded by a toroidal field which includes our Emotional Body, Mental Body, Etheric Body, Astral Body and Causal Body.

The Mental Body is where we store Belief systems and programming, logic, intellect and thought forms.  It is where we process the information bought in by the five senses and allows perception of the physical world.

The Emotional Body contains the functions of consciousness associated with feelings.  This is where the frequency of trauma is held.

The Etheric Body is the Life Force Energy which animates the physical body.  Known as 'Chi' or 'Prana' life experiences and the energy of dis-ease are imprinted here.

The Astral Body is our bridge between our physical body and the spirit world. It may go traveling at night while we sleep.

The Causal Body is our link to our higher spiritual levels and is often referred to as the Seat of Human Potential.  Karma and past life trauma is stored here.


As a Metaphysician and Lightworker, I am guided by intuition, my Guide team, my Higher-self and by connecting with the highest aspect of the Querent (one who seeks) I am able to employ the best solution for their circumstance

ACE Flow

ACE FLOW - Advanced Clearing Energetics is the process of identifying where energy blockages from traumas lodge in an organ system in the body, and clearing the negative energy to allow the body to heal.   Physical pain, discomfort and even dis-ease starts in our Etheric bodies before it makes it to our physical body.  The Etheric Body is the Emotional, Mental, Astral and Causal bodies that are the energy fields or Aura around our body.

Trauma of all kinds leaves an energetic imprint in our energy system  and even if we believe that we have 'dealt with it' or are 'over it' the energetic imprint stays in our field until we have truly done the healing or shadow work around it.

energy field

Examples of trauma can range from being yelled at,  a car accident or marriage break-up.  Circumstances that are generally out of our control and we were not expecting it.  Trauma from continued abuse or bullying, having a narcissistic partner or a dysfunctional family life or even absent or distant parents all leave negative imprints in our energy fields.

Many illnesses like cancer and heart disease show up when someone goes through a shocking experience that they are not emotionally equip to deal with and this causes the body to change by either freezing, fighting or defend itself.

The shock needs to have the following criteria:  U.D.I.N

Unexpected - the incident or situation is totally unexpected and not foreseen or anticipated.

Dramatic - there is a lot of emotional charge behind the shock.

Isolating -  you feel totally alone in dealing with the shock.  There is no support system available.

No Strategy -  where you have no idea how to solve or resolve the situation and rerun it over and over in your head trying to find a solution.

Clearing the energy behind a Trauma is important to allow your body to heal and for your long term health and wellness. 

If you do not clear the traumatic shock that caused your body to become unwell, then no amount of medications, clean living and treatments will enable your body to heal completely.

Often times we find that  the trauma or shock that has caused the illness is not always the most obvious and may be due to a consequence of the original shock or trauma.  Therefore finding the actual UDIN is an important part of the ACE process and once identified we can go about clearing the energy behind it, which allows the body to begin to healing.

Our body is an adaptive system designed to heal itself and given the right tools and without hinderance from energy blockages, will maintain homeostasis.


Chakra & Meridian clearing and balancing

In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centres in your body. These disks of spinning energy are each associated with specific organs, endocrine, issues, emotions, colours and elements.

chakra balancing

There are seven main chakras that run along your spine. They start at the root, or base, of your spine and extend to the crown of your head.

The Lower three chakras are masculine in nature and associated with calls to action, grounding and the material world.  The three Upper chakras are feminine in nature and are associated with self-reflection and spiritual aspects of life.  The Heart chakra is balanced in masculine and feminine energy and helps to balance the other chakras.

It is important that all chakras are balanced in relationship to each other.


Meridians are the energy highways of the body – there are 12 principal meridians and 2 central meridians. Consider the meridian system as an energetic distribution network.

The 12 principle meridians exist in corresponding pairs bilaterally in the body and consist of a Yin/Yang pair.

The governing vessel is the primary Yin route and nourishes and maintains the Yin meridians and organs.  It runs from the perineum up the back of the head to the roof of the mouth.

The Conception Vessel is the primary Yang and runs from the perineum up the front of the body to the tongue.

When thought of together they create a circuit and when used together we achieve balance.

It is important to keep your energy in integrity, so that you can stay balanced and grounded within yourself and not be pushed and pulled by the collective energy.

Being balanced and in alignment with your Soul will enable you to thrive and live an abundant life.  Understanding that you are the creator of your own reality and taking responsible for your choices and energy are paramount in living a life of balance and harmony.

Keeping your frequency high, your mood and emotions positive and shining your inner light for the world to see will help you stay above the low vibrational frequencies, low level entities and negative energies that preside in the lower frequencies.


Soul Centred Energy Work

We are energetic beings - all our energy centres and pathways are designed to work together and support each other - it is vital that we understand this to be able to maximize our potential.

After measuring the strength of each personal chakra we use a combination of special Merkabah crystals and miHealth PEMF device  to strength and balance the personal chakras, and clear blockages in the meridian pathways to bring ease of flow and balance to associated emotions.



Sacred Soul alignments are powerful potent healing energies of pure love and light that have the ability to heal and transform all aspects of who we are; spiritual, emotional and physical across all lifetimes, timelines and dimensions.

These gentle yet potent alignments transcend the boundaries of time and space bringing lasting change and growth in this lifetime and subsequent lifetimes. With over 500 alignments available, each alignment is an energetic channel for magical intentions to unlock abilities, dormant spiritual DNA, qualities and gifts, opening the doorway to hidden or suppressed potential.

Alignments raise the overall vibrational frequency of the recipient allowing for healing of the cellular memory, the chakras, the energetic bodies and at Soul level.  They have the capacity to heal ancestral trauma, relationships, deeply imbedded emotions and inner-child wounds.

By connecting Soul to Soul, I am able to see what your higher-self knows and help bring to your awareness what you are ready to work on at that time.  As healing happens in layers, you must work through these layers in the sequence or order that is in your highest and best good.  There are no shortcuts. Transformation happens at a Soul level as well as at the 3rd and 4th dimensional levels of physical and emotional creating profound changes in perspective, self-love and personal power.

Sessions can be in person or remotely, as energy is infinite, I can connect with your higher-self with your permission of course, anywhere in the world.


Sacred Soul Alignments will assist you to release outdated oaths, vows, agreements and contract your Soul has perpetuated consciously or unconsciously.

Clear dense energies, outdated false limiting beliefs and energetic clutter from your Etheric Bodies, cellular memory and nervous system.

Release entities and low vibrational or dark energies that have attached to you draining your vital force energy and triggering emotional, mental and physical issues.

Wendy at Energetic Wellness has truly been a life-changing practitioner for me over the past 3 years. Her expertise and gentle approach to energy healing have had a profound impact on my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Samantha Yates