ULM Energy Blanket for Mind & Body Recovery

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The ULM Energy Blanket for Mind and Body Recovery

The ULM Energy Blanket for Mind and Body Recovery

In this day and age, practically everyone uses technology, which emits electromagnetic frequency (EMF) on a daily basis. Things like your cell phone, microwave, wireless internet and other appliances around you give off this radiation, and it affects your cells more than you may know. There are studies that show the EMF around you can cause health problems on a cellular level, some of which suggest that each cell even has its own EMF, and the emissions you’re exposed to on a daily basis cause your cells to become unbalanced.

The Dangers of EMF

Most people don’t understand how important EMF protection actually is to their health. The chaos caused inside your body because of EMF exposure is vast and diverse.

  • EMF exposure causes stress on your body, with your cells being knocked out of balance causing a stress response in nearly every part.
  • Your metabolism may change, causing weight loss issues and other disorders as your body struggles to maintain normal nutrition absorption.
  • Changes to your hormones may occur, leading to neurological impairment and problems with memory.

Changes to cell growth lead to many other disorders including heart problems, brain development in children, and several types of cancer. EMF passes into your body easily so it will affect your cells almost immediately.

How Orgone Energy and EMF Protection Can Help

Issues caused by EMF exposure often manifest as increased stress and chronic pain. The work of Wilhelm Reich suggests the subtle body energy that is part of our being is lost or disoriented due to exposure to internal and external influences, including EMF. Orgone energy devices, like the ULM Energy Blanket, work to improve energy balance and restore the body’s ability to function at its best.  ulm body

  • Being wrapped in the Energy Blanket allows the body’s own natural electromagnetic emissions to reflect back into the body while the external radiations reflect away from the body.
  • The biologically active points of the body have the benefit of redistributed charge density on the skin, which works to improve energy balance.
  • The Energy blanket induces the body and mind to rest, recover and re-energise. While in use the Blanket decreases stress physically and mentally.

Along with SCENAR therapy treatments, the ULM Energy Blanket has been proven to help the body energetically recover itself. Your physiotherapy, surgery recovery, or chronic condition will be more beneficial and you’ll heal faster


Learn More Today

The benefits of the Energy Blanket when used alongside SCENAR treatments are different for everyone. It can be used with your practitioner or at home as much as necessary, and there are no reported side effects to its use. If you’re interested in trying the Energy Blanket to aid in your recovery, talk to your SCENAR practitioner or doctor today to find out more about how it works and how its use will help you. Effective pain management and treatment for your chronic condition is possible!


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