What is an Energetic Property Clearing and how can it help you?

Energetic Property Clearing

If you don’t understand energy or recognize how to read energy then you are not on your own.  My Hubby is a kind and generous soul but he has no concept of anything that vibrates in the etheric realms and his eyes glaze over when I talk to him about energy healing, spirit guides or energetic property clearings. 

So … let me explain how an Energetic Property Clearing works and why you should consider having one done.

An energetic Property reading and clearing is done remotely through the Akashic Records. I investigate what negative energies are affecting the property and then set about clearing them. Assisting any souls to transition, aligning the energy to your vibration and placing spheres of protection around the property. I include an emailed report with tips on regular clearing, any crystals that will help to protect and energize the home.


Energy is everywhere and everything is energy – matter is made up of atoms, atoms are made up of photons, electrons and neurons.  Atoms form molecules and they are held together by chemical energy which is the energy stored in an object – therefore Matter is Energy.

It stands to reason then, that our bodies are energy, our house is energy and the land is energy, that all thing contain energy and energy moves through all things. Energy is fluid and moves or vibrates at different frequencies depending on the density of the object.

If you are in tune with energy you will be able to feel the magnetic energy of the earth or the energetic power of the ocean and the power of the atmospheric pressure during a storm. You will be able to feel the energy of other people, spirits or earthbound souls and even the energy in a crystal.

Some people can feel and recognize energy, identify its source and even understand how to move it. Others can feel it but don’t pay it a lot of attention, therefore don’t recognize that feeling of unease as energy. Then there are those like Hubby who have no understanding or concept of energy beyond turning on a light switch or doing a workout.

Our bodies are energy and information and vibrate at different frequencies depending on our activities or moods.  Think about when you are happy and jumping around playing loud music, dancing and singing – your vibration and energy levels are high compared to when you are feeling bored or sad and want to just lay around – your vibration and energy levels are low. 

You may have felt the energies that I have described above and just accepted the feelings without considering why the energy of happy feels different to the energy of sad or how the energy of a calm sunny day is different to a storm, not realized that you are reading the energy, the intensity of it or the emotion that sits behind it.

Have you wondered why some days you feel sad or all of a sudden feel angry without a defined trigger. Why do you feel uncomfortable around some people. Why do you feel exhausted when you are in large groups of people or why do some places or people leave you feeling flat like your energy was just sucked from you. These are all affects of Energy.

Our home or property is also energy and if you consider when the house is full of children with fun and laughter how different that energy is to an empty-nesters house which might have an overtone of sadness or loneliness.

We are attracted to properties that resonate with us – when we buy a house or property, unless it is purely for an investment and you are looking at the financial potential only, then we generally chose a house that we feel comfortable in and can see it being our home.  You may not realize it but you are reading the energetic vibration of the property.

If you think about the houses you rejected without a second thought – did you just think that you didn’t like them when you walked into it?   The energy did not resonate with you, most likely it was vibrating at a lower level than you and you felt uncomfortable.

Nikola Tesla


There are many things that can influence the energetic vibration of a property like the energy residue from its last inhabitants, the land assignment, portalways or gateways to other dimensions and even earthbound souls.   I can feel your eyes glaze over at the mention of spirits and other dimensions but please just hear me out.


The land is way older than us and, in some cases, has been consecrated or energetically assigned to a specific purpose.  This land assignment is upheld by the Earth on which the property is located until it is released, and this can be at odds with its current purpose.

On the Sunshine Coast for example there was a large First Nations Population before the Europeans settled here and a lot of the land around this area is assigned as sacred sites, burial grounds, hunting grounds, battle grounds and meeting places.

As you would expect land with the assignment of battle ground where battles once took place would hold the energy of upheaval, desperation, aggression and sadness.  This type of energy could bring disharmony or conflict with your neighbours.  There may also be a large number of earthbound souls attached to the property.

If the land was assigned as a sacred site, you may feel like you are trespassing in our own home. You may feel uncomfortable like you don’t belong.  Building on a sacred site can also be uncharacteristically difficult, you may have trouble with permits or permissions.

There are generally a lot of earthbound souls on land assigned as a burial ground and there will be low level energy over the property of anxiety, discomfort, frustration, sadness and stuck-ness.


Earthbound souls are souls that have not transitioned to their next experience or incarnation and have been stuck on earth.  This can happen if their death was traumatic or unexpected or if they were not ready to go because they had unfinished business.

Independent earthbound souls can remain attached to a property because it is their last place of transition and even though their family has moved on they learn to draw energy from the environment.   The more earthbound souls attached to a property the more uncomfortable we feel in it.   They generally lead to a low-level energy of confusion, sadness, anxiety or stuck-ness.

It is important to help these souls transition so that they can go onto their next experience; after-all we incarnate to have a human experience and to learn our soul lessons and fulfill our soul purpose and being stuck in limbo isn’t serving them and allowing them to grow.


Other things that can cause negative or low-level energy in a property are portalways.  Portalways are energetic doorways that allow earthbound souls to come and go and make a property feel uneasy.   They cycle open and closed depending on the activity and energy in the home at any given time.

Portalways are generally in corners, cupboards you don’t open or mirrors that make you feel uneasy and you will find that animals and children avoid them. 

If portalways are energetic doorways then gateways are energetic highways and are extremely disruptive and allow all kinds of negative energies including negative thoughtforms to come and go.  They cause inhabitants to lose sleep, to become disgruntled and grumpy. They draw a lot of energy from the property making it hard for the residents to manifest what they want.

Negative Thought Forms can be upheld within a property by family members, past residents, workers or employees.  They can be directed at a property by the neighbours or a competitor if it is a business or created about a property by the collective and cause disharmony.  Anger Spears are just that; anger directed at the property with venom and like negative thought forms they create disharmony and can affect the prosperity of a business.


New business owners will benefit from a property clearing, to ensure that the negative energies from past business that occupied the building do not influence the new business.  If a previous business failed or the owners had health issues or they had a run of misfortune; then the property will be influenced by anxiety, worry, stress, frustration and possibly anger or blame.

No amount of lovely decoration, advertising and promotion will transpose the influence of the negative energies and once the novelty of a new business wears off you will start to feel their effects.

Rental Property residents – more than likely the property has been in the rental system for many years and during that time seen many residents with different problems and values come and go.   All the negative activities, situations and experiences leave layer upon layer of negative energy in the property that you need to wade through, making it hard to keep your energy levels high and the vibe positive.

Selling your property – the property is a vibrational match for you and your family especially if you have lived there for many years, however you need the property to be a vibrational match for the new owner so that they walk into the property and feel a connection to it.  You need to clear out the clutter and put away the majority of your personal items (photos, collections, toys) and let me know the clearing is for the purpose of selling the property so I can attune the vibration to the new owner.

New home buyers – a property clearing will clear away any residue from the past inhabitants, clear any earthbound souls that would not have been present when you viewed and clear out any other negative or discordant portalways or thoughtforms and bring the land assignment to your purpose and vibration.

If you feel things are not going as well as they should be in you home, your children are disruptive and not focused, you are suffering from unexplained illness, there is not harmony and balance; then consider getting a property clearing to balance out the energy, remove  negativity and you’re your family a clean canvas to work from.

Likewise with your business, if it is not going as well as you had hoped, clients just don’t seem to find you or can’t picture where your business is then you need to change the energy around it so it vibrates to the frequency of your ideal client.  You will be amazed at the difference it will make.

Energy as with most things in life = LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.  Balancing discordant energies will bring greater harmony.