Infoceuticals verses miHealth Delivery Systems

I often get asked what is the better treatment out of the MiHealth and Infoceuticals so we asked
Dr. Ranier Viehweger what is the difference between Infoceutical delivery verses miHealth PEMF delivery and he added some science and clinical efficacy insights from experience and testing.

Both Infoceuticals and miHealth deliver bio information to the body field.

With Infoceuticals, delivery is as a picture in space, i.e. a holographic picture is laid down on the body field. It’s a passive delivery and the body field resonates and uses the new information it needs.

With the miHealth, bio information is delivered by way of a pulsed magnetic field. The pulsed magnetic field is additional information of it’s own. This pulsed magnetic information is comprised of 30 global scaling frequencies, which are made of proton resonances. miHealth bio information is presented in the form of a sort of ‘flashing light’ and can hardly be ignored by the body field.
The miHealth can be too much so less can be more. MiHealth bio information delivery is more immediate. Generally the body doesn’t want the same miHealth signals for more than a week or so at a time based on his trials.
Infoceutical bio information is making changes every day because it’s a passive delivery. They support optimum building of new information/communication pathways . They create a ‘training’ effect which is more gentle.

The ideal support for the body field is a synergistic approach combining the miHealth and Infoceuticals. Three week Infoceutical protocols can be ideal, based on trials, for addressing underlying causes of emotions and belief system and building up new communication pathways in the body field.

One analogy of the effects of both is to think about the imprinting of a path in a grassy field. If you are walking through a field of grass with heavy boots on and forging a path rather boldly and quickly that could equate to the effect of the miHealth. If on the other hand you walk lightly many times barefooted through the grass you have a more refined path emerge which would equate to the effect of the
Infoceuticals. Both have their roles and can work synergistically on immediate symptom relief verses the creation of new holographic pathways throughout the body field.

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