SHADOW WORK – What it is and Why you need to do it

What is shadow work?  

Shadow work is about bringing light to those hidden or neglected parts of ourselves that we don’t want to look at and deal with. They are the repressed, forgotten and often unconscious aspects that are causing blocks and restrictions in our daily lives.  The hidden traumas that cause us to make choices, often the same type of negative choices, over and over.

They become trapped in our unconscious, therefore we often don’t recognise the patterns or triggers associated with them and in that way, we stay in the cycle.

Why is shadow work important? 

Shadow work is the process of helping the unconscious become conscious. Bringing it into alignment with the higher self so you are able to create the life you want. By releasing the limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior, self-defeating and depreciating practices and traumas that create obstacles and challenges to success, effective communication, abundance and happiness and much more.

Limiting beliefs can be inflicted upon us when we are growing up, often unknowingly by our parents or other well-meaning adults. We can also hold trauma from our time in the womb. Take on trauma from those around us especially if we are empathic. Also generational trauma and ancestral karma can be trapped in our energy fields.

Everything is Energy

As a metaphysician/shaman we don’t differentiate between the physical and the emotional. We don’t distinguish between the genetics that you inherited that predispose you to cancer or heart disease etc – or the emotional, which are the family stories of scarcity, sexuality or bad relationships or not being supported etc.  All of the dramas that are inherited are considered part of the generational curses that we inherit.

In the West they have been separated. One is phycological the other is physiological but this is an artificial construct because they are deeply intertwined.  Generational curses are generally passed down from mother to Daughter, Father to Son.  Everything in the Cosmos is energy and therefore energetically there is no separation between the two.

Now more than any time in our recent history it is most important to do your shadow work because we are moving from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius. Many of the scriptures are calling this the end times with the expectation that the world may end. My understanding is that we are moving into a new age and a new dimension and the dense energy of karma and trauma cannot be bought into the 5th dimension.

How to do your Shadow Work.

When you start your shadow work you will have obvious traumas, hang-ups or negative thought forms that you want to clear and that is always the best place to start.

Healing happens in layers so as you clear issues then you will find that more will come to the surface.  You may notice people or situations that trigger you or that you get angry or upset when faced with certain behaviours, places or circumstances.  These are indications that some healing work needs to happen here.

The biggest part of shadow work is understanding that what is triggering you is about YOU and what you are holding and NOT the situation or person.  Your shadow is what needs to be bought into the light to be healed – the person/situation is only a mirror showing you what you need to work on.

Many people won’t do the work because they look at their life from the Ego Self – this part of us is the part that lives in judgement and comparison – it looks external of itself for causes and has a habit of blaming others or situations like their childhood or anything external of themselves rather than take responsibility for their life.

When you understand and accept that you are the creator of your own reality and that everything in your life you created through your actions, choices or karma from other lifetimes or realities then you are able to work towards resolution and clear your shadows.

Examine your Triggers

Start by examining when you are triggered with curiosity and wonder – Why does this trigger me? Why do I feel this way about it?  Listen for the answers it might be an energy in your body or a thought that drops into your mind.

Keep asking questions around What, When, How and Why and keep listening until you are comfortable that you have bought the situation into the light and that you will no longer be triggered by it. Through this process you should be able to clear the obvious shadows.

Anyone struggling or finding it hard to identify or do their shadow work will need assistance to get to the root causes and this is where I can help. As a metaphysical energy healer, I use various energy healing modalities and Shamanic practices with the guidance of your higher self and spirit guide team to clear the blocks that you are ready to clear. 

How can a metaphysical practitioner help?

As a metaphysical practitioner or metaphysician, I use a broad range of knowledge, skills and gifts.  My primary goal is to help to restore harmony in your life and to assist you to heal and clear your shadows so you can live a happier, healthier, more peaceful life.

I explore the body/mind connection and support you towards identifying your triggers and shadows. Then through using a combination of energetic and energy medicine healing tools to support and heal the mind, body and spirit.

I help you to clear hooks, cords or attachments from people or places and repair the energetic damage to your field. I extract entities that are feeding off your energy and change the attraction and infinity that caused it to connect to you in the first place.

Through clearing Ancestral Karma, oaths, vow and contracts passed down through your generational heritage this enables a domino effect: healing 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. So not only are you helping yourself with healing but you help your children’s children’s children.

The aim is to heal physical and emotional imbalances as they arise to be cleared and bring you back to your heart centre and oneness with your divine self.

By tuning into your team, be assured that I am running the most appropriate energy alignments for your optimal healing in any given session because your higher-self is your truth and comes from the highest aspect of yourself with unconditional love and knows what is in your highest and best good.

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