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NES Health is thrilled to announce some key changes to  NES Portal and ProVision experience.  NES Client Portal will make it easier and more efficient for me to share your scans and help-files with you also giving you easy access to  educational videos and courses.

Here’s a quick overview of how NES upgrade to the NES Client Portal will benefit NES clients:

  • Client profiles will be automatically be synced from NES ProVision in office scan during consultation or remote scan, to the NES Portal.  Giving you instant access to your Infoceutical protocols and help files after each scan.
  • Review your Scan results in your private portal account – in the comfort and privacy of your home.
  • A stronger, more connected experience.   The client Portal will allow you to access your own  “home wellNES hub”.   Where you can access everything you need to learn and apply the principles of bioenergetic medicine to your life and connect with me for support during this journey.

After consulting with Wendy at Energetic Wellness, you will be emailed your personal log-in codes.  Log into the NES Health Portal to view the recommendations uploaded for you.


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