How to Boost Immunity With NES Infoceuticals

NES boost immunity with InfoceiticalsBy Dr. Rainer Viehweger
Cough, cough, sneeze!

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of this right now, as the cold and flu season grabs hold.

The media prescribes all kinds of medications to suppress the symptoms, but as NES practitioners, protecting our clients from getting sick is much better than fighting symptoms once they appear.

What Weakens the Immune System?

Immunity can be compromised in many ways. The primary condition that reduces immune function is feeling stress, including mental stress (too much work), emotional stress (fears, including the fear of getting sick!), and physical stress (typically from sports). Other immune-weakening conditions include an inadequate diet, insufficient sleep, and exposure to chemical toxins.

When we retreat indoors in Autumn, we reduce the amount of fresh air and sunshine we get, which also compromises the immune system. A further assault is indoor heating, which creates dryer air. This has a dehydrating effect on our mucous membranes, especially in the respiratory system. 

So how can NES Infoceuticals help  fend off colds and the flu?

Here Are Some Suggestions …

1. Get sunlight for at least 15 minutes each morning, ideally between 10 a.m. and noon when we get the best light spectrum from the sun. This keeps us awake and feeling energized, so we feel happy instead of becoming depressed.

2. Go to bed earlier, and avoid artificial light as much as possible in the evening.

3. Don’t eat high-glycemic index carbohydrates or sugar in the evening. Instead, have more herbal tea.

4. Eat fat, such as pastured butter and coconut oil. If we were hibernating animals, this is the time we would start living on fat instead of on carbohydrates.

5. Be in the cold. For two hours every day, expose your face to the cold air outside, below 15 degrees Celsius / 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep your fat metabolism running and create enough energy to power your immune system.

Boost Immunity with Infoceuticals

Source, CFI, Day and Night

Source:  The natural source for Source energy is fresh air, negatively charged, which we breathe and store in our kidneys. Do breathing exercises, and try to get fresh air. When you can’t get outside,  use Source energy as a replacement. 

CFI (Cold, Flu, Influenza): When you  catch a cold or get the flu,  start taking 15 drops of CFI a few times a day to get through it quickly.

Day and Night: These two may both be used to promote the right metabolism for day and night, especially during the times of the year when we are all indoors more and subject to a lot of artificial light. Also, remember to drink enough water!

Taking The Infoceuticals

Generally, you can take these Infoceuticals once a day in doses of 9 or 15 drops at a time (28 drops maximum).

A bottle will last approximately one month at 9 drops a day, and two to three weeks at 15 drops a day.

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