Injury Recovery requires your parasympathetic nervous system to be engaged.  The autonomic nervous system is divided into two sections, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic, when one turns on the other turns off.

The sympathetic nervous system defuses stress and turns on your fight or flight response when you are in danger of being hurt, you feel in danger, you are allergic to what you eat or during physical or mental/emotional trauma. The sympathetic nervous system deals with the emergency, and then turns off allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to engage.

The parasympathetic nervous system neutralises the hormones that initiate the emergency response and promotes rest, regeneration and good digestion allowing healing to begin.

This system is not as effective in modern times because stresses are continuous, from things like work stress, bad food, electrical emission stress including mobile phones, microwaves and electricity, family stress and pollution which means the sympathetic nervous system rarely switches off. This has a culminating effect on the body, as it is unable to digest food properly causing digestive issues which can result in allergic reactions, hormones become depleted, the immune system becomes depleted and the body becomes susceptible to infection.

The body will not return to full health until the autonomic nervous system is returned to homeostasis with the sympathetic system toned down and the parasympathetic turned on, which enables digestion to restart, detoxification to take effect and Ph balance back to alkaline.

If the body cannot defeat the threat/stress or repair the injury, it must conserve its resources and will go into adaptive mode by creating alternate pathways to continue to survive. The body responds by isolating malfunctioning areas and reversing the polarity of the trauma area and the brain no longer responds to the defective area. These adapted cells eventually degenerate and die.


The body’s best strategy for survival is adaptation and regeneration, but to recover greater energy efficient functioning the brain needs to reconnect with the forgotten area while providing support to generate structural and functional repair. This is where Scenar will help.

Scenar will determine the specific areas that need energetic intervention and the biofeedback responses will determine the healing energy patterns required to reconnect the area back to the brain for more rapid pain relief and healing responses. Tissue polarity can be normalised by the brain once it reconnects allowing the affected area to attract the neuropeptides and triggering healing.

Scenar uses biofeedback technology and continually monitors the body’s responses to its signal and modifies successive signals ensuring the body is continually receptive to treatment. The electro-stimulation process activates the C-fibres of the nerves which causes the release of neuropeptides and other regulatory peptides which help to restore the body’s natural physiological state. The newly-produced peptides will last for several hours and continue the healing process long after treatment is over.


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