Energetic Property Clearing helps business grow

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How an Akashic Record Energetic Property Clearing helped my business grow. When I first moved into my new clinic, I was so excited to have my own space; a safe private space for my clients.

The previous tenant had been evicted. She harboured a lot of anger and resentment against the landlord and against me for taking her shop. In her mind I had contributed to the demise of the business. Even though rationally I came along after they had been given notice to leave.

I spent quite a lot of money setting it up exactly how I wanted. Partitioned rooms for treatment, created a dedicated energy blanket healing room. To allow for complete privacy for my clients, I soundproofed my main treatment room. I made the waiting reception area all pretty and balanced. A professional sign and a one-way vision sign on my window completed the look. But for reasons which I didn’t understand at the time; my business slowly declined. ??

I tried different forms of advertising and promotion but nothing worked. I was starting to go backwards with the higher rent and costs and no one seemed to see me. No clients walked in the door to even inquire about treatments.

Then as I was doing my study to include Akashic Record Soul Readings in my practice; I did a reading on my clinic. Of course … the energy of the clinic was stagnant, negative and was dripping with the anger, despair, stuckness and negativity of the previous tenant.

The Clinic energy was not in alignment and harmony with me. Nor with my healing practice. Energetically it wasn’t aligned to clients needs, so how could I attract clients that needed my healing treatments?

By conducting a Energetic property clearing, I discovered that there were Anger spears directed at the property. I had two earthbound souls attached, a dimensional portal that allowed them to come and go. Along with Negative Though Forms and Independent Negative Thought Forms within and directed at the property.

No wonder nobody wanted to come and have a healing treatment ?

I cleared all negative and discordant energy. Assisted the souls to transition so they could continue to their next experience. Placed spheres of protection and ultra violet light around the property. Aligned and reassigned the property to my energy and purpose.

To my delight – that afternoon one of my regular clients walked in and commented how light and airy the clinic was. Remember nothing had changed physically it was all energetically.

The following day I had two walk-in inquiries that resulted in new clients. One local lady said that she never realised I was there until the day prior.

My point is this – energy is way more powerful than most people realise. Negative energy can seriously affect its capacity to be successful when directed at a business or upheld within a business.

If you think your business should be doing better than it is. All your new ideas and innovations aren’t working as well as you feel they should, then you need to have a property clearing conducted.

If you have taken over an existing business or started a new business in a premises where the previous business didn’t succeed, then be aware that the negative discordant energy WILL affect your business.

As you will discover from having a clearing – like my experience, it is instant. Your business will vibrate in alignment with you, once the negative energy has been cleared.

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