Shungite Turtle – Pressed

Shungite Turtle – Pressed



Shungite has powerful protective properties. It has the Fire, Wind and Storm elements and works with all the Chakras.  Shungite has electroconductivity and chemical resistance.  Purifies water and dispels EMFs

Meaning & Energy

Shungite cleanses and clears the energies of the whole body on a molecular level and opens one to receive spiritual light.  It works to cleanse and align all the particles of the body so that they are open to rapid conjoining with the light.

It can be used to clear the the body of dysfunctional patterns manifesting as disease, emotional difficulties or negativity.  It dispels one’s self-harming or self-defeating habitual patterns.

Shungite will help one ground and connect with the Earth and provides an aura of psychic protection, because of the energetic alignment it facilitates. On an emotional level it helps to let go of deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt or shame.

Known as the stone of Truth. Under its influence on cannot act or speak falsely without becoming very uncomfortable. This is because Shungite dispels negativity and brings in so much spiritual light that one feels the unpleasant sensations of disharmony if a negative or false thought or statement is introduced.

Its powerful protective properties means its a great protection against EMF (electro magnetic fog) from WIFI and cell towers and phones.

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