NES miHealth – Remote Scanner (Professional)

NES miHealth – Remote Scanner (Professional)




You simply scan your body using your client scanner or miHealth device, which sends the data back to your practitioner who will view your body, scan and assess the information.


Your practitioner will recommend Infoceuticals and/or miHealth functions for you to select from our online portal to help to retrain your body’s own healing response.


You can download any selected miHealth functions immediately and begin to unblock and release any blockages in your body-field.

The miHealth give us the ability to do a remote NES Health ProVision scan without the need for you to come in for an in-office visit.  The scan is then sent to me via the internet for analysis.  A phone or Skype consultation will be done at a convenient time. The recommended infoceuticals posted to you.

 The miHealth device helps to retrain your body’s own healing system by communicating specifically with the parts of the body it is in contact with, and is used either on or off the body. MiHealth can also be used as a stand-alone session between remote scans.

Using NES ProVision, we will be able to review up to 150 systems and sub-systems of the human body-field, as well as:

  • Energy Analysis: identify energy blockages in the body’s musculoskeletal system and energy channels, as well as analyze the strength of the energy produced by various systems and organs
  • Informational Analysis: Identify information distortions in your body’s master control system: the human body-field.
  • Nutritional Analysis: highlight challenges in absorption and metabolic processes and identify sensitivities, malabsorption, and intolerance to certain foods.
  • Environmental Analysis: detect functional damage to the body-field via specific environmental factors, toxins and EMFs and the body’s resultant ability to handle their impact when present.
  • Emotional and Mental Analysis: identify core emotions, beliefs, and even challenges in an individual’s overall ability to create and actualize in life… that are most prominent or potentially problematic. Also identify past shock and trauma that may still be presenting as conflicts or which are stored in the body-field as tissue, cellular or energetic memory.

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