HUMAN BODY ENERGY CLOCK  –  Exploring the miHealth Chinese Cycle

HUMAN BODY ENERGY CLOCK | Exploring the miHealth Chinese Cycle

Chinese Cycle

Have you ever wondered why your body’s energy and mood can be so changeable throughout the day? 

Although hormones and diet can play a large part in those fluctuations, the role of the human energy body clock offers us a clear explanation of how our organs and energy levels are linked throughout a 24 hr period.

The human body energy clock, or the chinese body clock, is built on the traditional chinese medicine (TCM) concept that energy, or “Qi”, moves in a cyclical flow throughout the body.

During a 24 hr cycle, “Qi” moves in two hour intervals through the organ systems, indicating that particular organ system’s energetic peak. Based on this clock, you can then understand that whichever organ system is at its peak. The organ system opposite (12 hours ahead) is therefore at its lowest energetic functioning.

Using this framework we can begin to understand when and why it is best for us to exercise, eat, rest & sleep. We can begin planning daily activity around an organ system’s peak energy. This avoids putting undue stress on the opposing organ system which has its energy at the lowest rate, allowing us to better synchronise our daily activities with our system’s natural rhythms.

The NES miHealth contains a 24hr cycle designed to support the active meridians within the Chinese organ clock. 

The NES miHealth Chinese cycle can be used to restore the synchronisation of the body’s meridian system with the earth’s daily cycles, bringing all energetic body functions- from the meridian level down to the integrator informational level, back into alignment again. This will result in removing the effects of smaller shocking events that created misalignment. Very often some slight emotional and chemical detox will be seen. The Chinese cycle can be used only in broadcast mode once or twice a month for recovery. You can place the miHealth on any part of the body.

Please note that the clock in the miHealth must be set on the correct time in the correct time zone you are in.