HUMAN BODY ENERGY CLOCK | Exploring the miHealth Chinese Cycle

HUMAN BODY ENERGY CLOCK  –  Exploring the miHealth Chinese Cycle Have you ever wondered why your body’s energy and mood can be so changeable throughout the day?  Although hormones and diet can play a large part in those fluctuations, the role of the human energy body clock offers us a clear explanation of how our…

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Detoxification; Natural Healing Process

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Detoxification is a natural process of healing.  It is a positive sign that your body is working better. Our Bodies are designed to do everything necessary to keep us healthy.  Our Immune systems are designed to fight off bacteria, virtues and toxins which are everywhere. Chemicals are in the water and air.  Agricultural pesticides are…

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ULM Energy Blanket for Mind & Body Recovery

(Repost from RITN Scenar Australia) In this day and age, practically everyone uses technology, which emits electromagnetic frequency (EMF) on a daily basis. Things like your cell phone, microwave, wireless internet and other appliances around you give off this radiation, and it affects your cells more than you may know. There are studies that show the…

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Injury Recovery requires your parasympathetic nervous system to be engaged.  The autonomic nervous system is divided into two sections, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic, when one turns on the other turns off. The sympathetic nervous system defuses stress and turns on your fight or flight response when you are in danger of being hurt, you…

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