HUMAN BODY ENERGY CLOCK | Exploring the miHealth Chinese Cycle

HUMAN BODY ENERGY CLOCK  –  Exploring the miHealth Chinese Cycle Have you ever wondered why your body’s energy and mood can be so changeable throughout the day?  Although hormones and diet can play a large part in those fluctuations, the role of the human energy body clock offers us a clear explanation of how our…

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NES “Home wellNES Hub”

NES Health Client hub

    NES Health is thrilled to announce some key changes to  NES Portal and ProVision experience.  NES Client Portal will make it easier and more efficient for me to share your scans and help-files with you also giving you easy access to  educational videos and courses. Here’s a quick overview of how NES upgrade to the NES Client Portal will benefit…

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Detoxification; Natural Healing Process

detoxification, infoceuticals

Detoxification is a natural process of healing.  It is a positive sign that your body is working better. Our Bodies are designed to do everything necessary to keep us healthy.  Our Immune systems are designed to fight off bacteria, virtues and toxins which are everywhere. Chemicals are in the water and air.  Agricultural pesticides are…

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Thanks for your Referral

thank you for your referral

  A successful practice doesn’t just happen.  It is the result of a strong commitment to excellence in my treatment and relationships with clients.  My desire is to help as many people as possible with pain and health issues, and help clients  understand and appreciate alternative health care like NES Health and Scenar Therapy – both new age Bioenergetic…

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