Energetic Property & Space Clearing


What is an Energetic Property Clearing or a Space Clearing and How will it help?

An Energetic Property clearing clears the negative and discordant energies within a property whether it is a home, rental property, business premises or land.

Discordant energies can range from negative thought forms created within or about the property, anger spears directed at a property by a competitor or disgruntled client or family member, earthbound souls attached to the property or land and portalways that allow these negative energies to come and go.

An energetic clearing will identify what negative influences are affecting the property and residence and clear them through the Akashic Records.  The Akashic records reside in the Etheric Planes and contain all the information about every soul and property across all dimensions and timelines.  Think of it as the etheric library.

Clearings are conducted remotely - I don't need to attend the property to effect the clearing as it is done intuitively and through the Akashic Records and all energies are assisted to transition with love. ♥

When you are looking for a new home to rent or buy you will find that you are attracted to the properties that is most vibrationally like yourself.

You may find that overtime you  become misaligned with your home; if you do Soul Realignment clearing work or healing work, your vibration changes, or your family dynamic changes.

Rental properties can be a challenge to align with; past tenants leave energetic residue that may not be  a match for your vibration or the purpose of the property may not be aligned to your purpose and that can contribute to feelings of unease, stuck-ness or unrest.


misaligned energy in your home can cause anxiety, frustration and unrest

There can be various reasons why the energy in your property may feel chaotic or make you feel anxious or negative.

Dimensional Portals located in or around the property are energetic doorways and allow earthbound souls to come and go.  Sometimes souls remain attached to a property even-though their family is long gone.  Portalways cycle open and closed depending on the activity in the home.

Negative thought forms can be upheld within a property, they can be created by residence or past residence, directed at or about the property and can have a mild uncomfortable effect on you.

As the land is very old it may have been energetically assigned as a sacred site or burial ground, this assignment is upheld by the earth and can make us feel anxious, frustrated or even a sense of stuck-ness.

Energy as with most things in life = LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Balancing discordant energies will bring greater harmony.


Business Premises Clearing & Alignment


If you are the energetic owner of the business premises you can request a Property Clearing.  The energetic owner is the physical owner of the property or a tenant who is paying rent on the property.

NEW BUSINESS: Business Property clearing is always a good idea if you are changing the business type within a premises so that the energy is aligned with your purpose and not the energy and purpose of the past business.

If a past business were forced to close, then there would have been a lot of stress and anxiety and that negative energy will still be at play in the property until it is cleared.

EXISTING BUSINESS:  Overtime as your business expands, your ideas change, staff come and go, or your direction changes; the property can become misaligned with your energetic purpose.  The energy and purpose needs to upgraded and bought back into line so that you receive abundance and clients that are the "right" fit for your business.

Energetic Space Clearing will:

  • Clear the Energetic clutter in your home with an Akashic Record clearing on all dimensions of the property.
  • Realign the property purpose from its past assignment to your family home and ensure that the energies are fully aligned with your energy vibrations to allow for a harmonious home.
  • Release any earthbound souls so they may continue on their journey to their next experience and close all their access points and portalways.
  • Dissipate and disconnect any negative energies from physical structures and objects located within the property.
  • Place spheres of protection around the property with a circle of ultraviolet flames to cleanse and purify all negative energies.
  • Making your home lighter and brighter and in tune with your highest vibration.

Thank you so much for doing the house clearing for us 🙂  The feelings you explained of confusion, frustration, anxiety, sadness, stuck-ness is exactly what we have felt since we moved into the house. That's so amazing how clearly you described everything!  We were definitely feeling a lot better through the latter part of last week, both of us just feeling a bit more connected to each other, cheerful and content. Thank you so much!

Paula. | Noosaville