Akashic Record Soul Realignment Reading

Akashic Record Reading - Soul Realignment

The Akashic Records are encoded in the 5th through 10th dimensional Etheric plane. They are a compilation of all human events, choices, emotions, actions and words that have occurred across all lifetime’s past, present and future. The Akashic Records are a spiritual resource for personal empowerment and understanding that will give you a deeper knowledge of who you are and what your soul’s journey is in this incarnation.
Soul Realignment reading will give you insights into past life blocks and restrictions that are still in play in this incarnation and influencing what programs you are currently running. It will help you to see the patterns you are creating and why you continually attract the same “things” into your life. It will give you an understanding how changing choices at the point of action will change and heal not only in the here and now but also forward and backward, as there is no lineal time in the higher dimensions.
Soul Clearing is a part of your record reading and will give you the opportunity to change your karma and bring abundance into your life. However just clearing the records is not enough to make the energetic changes in the third dimension, this is where you will need to take responsibility by doing your 21-day clearing affirmation and intentionally make choices in line with your Divined Soul Blueprint and energetic vibration.
Every person has freewill and has the right and ability to make whatever choice they wish; However if you continue to make the same choices that created your negative karma; out of habit or an unwillingness to change; you will rewrite those blocks and restrictions back into your Akashic record and continue to get more of the same.
When you realise that every choice you make has a consequence of the same energetic vibration as the choice, then you understand that Karma is not necessarily about doing the right thing by everyone but more about doing what is the right thing by your divine self.
When you stop doing things out of Obligation – you get less obligatory responsibility and more freedom. When you stop giving your power to another and start taking responsibility for what you want, you can stand in your own power and have freedom of choice.
Because more than half the work for the reading is done in the days prior to your consultation by accessing the records and collecting, decoding and collating the information, your personal information and full payment is required at least 4 days prior to the reading day.
The reading can be done in clinic, over the phone or Skype and you will receive a recording of the reading along with your 21-day Clearing Affirmation and progress sheet. If you have attaching souls that need to be released there will also be a short 2min video to watch and listen to.