Reiki Healer Sunshine Coast


Feeling swamped by stress? Imagine a place where peace and balance are the norms. On the Sunshine Coast, Wendy Hunt tailors Reiki sessions that do more than soothe — they transform.

Each session is a deep dive into revitalising your health and rediscovering your inner harmony, all against the scenic coastal views that calm the soul. These sessions sync perfectly with your personal rhythm, empowering you to bounce back stronger.

Intrigued? Book your first session now and experience the transformative power of Reiki with Wendy Hunt at Energetic Wellness.

Why Our Reiki Healing Stands Out

In the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Wendy Hunt shapes a Reiki experience that’s truly unparalleled. Merging age-old methods with contemporary understanding, her sessions offer profound, personalised healing. Armed with certifications as a Certified SCENAR Therapist, NES Health Practitioner, and Ontological Coach, Wendy offers unmatched expertise and genuine care.

Her practice is driven by a passion for enhancing lives through customised healing approaches, making her a cherished pillar in the wellness community.

Our Reiki Services

Designed to sync with the dynamic lifestyle of the region, Wendy Hunt’s Reiki services offer:

Reiki Refresh
Perfect for those needing a quick reset amidst a busy lifestyle.

Comprehensive Energy Healing
An in-depth exploration of your energy systems, ideal for deep revitalisation.

Beachside Reiki Sessions
Combine the therapeutic properties of the ocean with the calming effects of Reiki.

Group Wellness Workshops
Engage with your community in sessions that promote learning and mutual growth.

Personalised Reiki Retreats
Dedicate a day or more to your wellness with Reiki sessions tailored to your needs, set in picturesque natural settings.

Reiki's Impact on Your Coastal Life

Discover how integrating Reiki into your lifestyle can elevate your day-to-day life:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Enhanced Well-being
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Social Engagement
  • Personal Growth

Preparing for Your Reiki Healing Experience

To maximise the benefits of your Reiki session, follow these simple preparation steps:

  • Comfortable Attire: Opt for loose, breathable clothing to ensure comfort throughout your session.
  • Hydration: Drink ample water beforehand to enhance the flow of energy.
  • Set Intentions: Reflect on your goals for the session to help focus the healing.
  • Arrive Relaxed: Arrive a little early to acclimate to the serene environment of our studio.
  • Reduce Caffeine: Cut down on caffeine intake before your appointment to help calm your mind.
  • Digital Detox: Switch off electronic devices to engage fully with the healing experience.

Real Stories of Reiki Transformation

Discover how Reiki has profoundly impacted the lives of residents along the Sunshine Coast:

"Reiki has been a lifesaver, dramatically improving my stress levels and overall outlook after just a few sessions." — Emma, Maroochydore

"Thanks to Wendy's Reiki sessions, not only is my chronic back pain healed, but I've also found peace amid my chaotic life." — John, Caloundra

"Initially sceptical, I am now a firm believer in Reiki. The sessions have significantly deepened my spiritual connection." — Lisa, Noosa

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to Start Your Healing Journey?

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