Fire Quartz Tower

Fire Quartz Tower


Fire Quartz Tower

Fire Quartz color can range from light pink to a very dark rust depending on the amount of iron in the deposits.  It is an extremely powerful stone, associated with the root and sacral chakras and therefore encourages you to stay grounded.

Meaning & Energy

Fire Quartz is a strong crystal that can increase your fire and change it into pure, white light. It is also known as the “fire stone.” Stones and burns away any emotional baggage from the past while simultaneously increasing the quality of your inner flame.

It enhances personal power by supporting the will and can help you channel that strength for healing or action. It inspires courage and confidence and it can help free up blocked energies.

Fire Quartz is a stone of protection, bringing one into alignment with their higher self and repelling negative energies.  An excellent stone to use in meditation because it stimulates energy flow, helps to access inner wisdom and intuition.

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