ULM 02 Energy & Recovery Blanket

ULM 02 Energy & Recovery Blanket


ULM energy blanket enhances recovery and EMF protection

ULM-02 Energy Compound Blanket is a blanket made of shielding layers that reflect EMF helping to restoring your energy and balance.

The ULM Blanket is a non-invasive and effective way of protecting your body from external EMF and RF radiation emitted by appliances and technologies.  At the same time the Energy Blanket reflects your own intrinsic electromagnetic frequency and energy back at the same frequency as your body cells, consequently redistributing surface electric charge, normalising energy exchange and improving recovery capability of your body.

The ULM energy blanket is made of multi-layered metallic coated films covered by wool-cotton material.  The reflected infrared radiation gives a very relaxed and soothing warm feeling.  The weight and  size make the blanket easy to use and take anywhere with you.

Each layer is made of synthetic metallized film of the thickness of 1 micron. The ULM 02 Blanket has double shielding layers that reflect the electromagnetic radiation in infrared and extremely high-frequency ranges.

The blanket operates at optimal efficiency due to the electrostatic field equal to one atmosphere.

The ULM Blanket’s influencing therapeutic factors are:

* Protection of the covered body from external electromagnetic and electrostatic action;

* Reduced heat emission and normal heat exchange due to reflected heat radiation in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic waves;

* Influence on the patient of his/her intrinsic electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency (the working frequency of body cells);

* Redistribution of surface electric charge on the patient

The  Benefits of using the ULM Blanket

  • Immediate stress and tension relief (mental or physical)
  • Improved sleep.
  • Accelerated recovery for athletes and injury rehabilitation
  • Enhances the body’s resistance to over training.
  • Increases brain wave activity which enhancing mood and outlook.
  • Strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to seasonal infections and allergies
  • Reduces recovery period from traumas, injuries, surgery, and common illnesses
  • Enhances the effect of medication and treatments.
  • Reduce premature aging.
  • Preventative maintenance for many common ailments.
  • Safe to use with no complications, contraindications or side effects.


The ULM 02 Double Shielded Energy Blankets come in three sizes:

Small size suitable for children and travel

Standard size suitable for adults

Large size suitable for tall adults

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