As  a Metaphysician and Lightworker my highest priority is to help you bring about positive change to all areas of your life, emotional, physical and spiritual.   I hold sacred space for you so you can embark on your transformation feeling safe and supported. All healing sessions will be  tailored to meet you exactly where you are on your wellness journey.

Energy Clearing & Healing


You are a Soul having a human experience but navigating this 3rd dimensional realm can be overwhelming and traumatic.  I will help you to trust your inner guidance, listen to your body and above all else stay true to who you are at Soul level.

Clearing energy blockages from the chakras and meridians helps with the efficient function of the physical body.  Clearing negative Karma & agreements, oaths, vow, contracts, negative belief systems helps us to navigate this life with ease and grace.

I will help you discover your own inner power and ability to heal yourself, your past traumas, clear blockages and reconnect with your Higher-self.

Akashic Record Soul Realignment Readings

The Akashic Records are a spiritual resource for personal empowerment and understanding that will give you a deeper knowledge of who you are and what your soul's journey is in this incarnation.

Soul Realignment reading will give you insights into past life blocks and restrictions that are still in play in this incarnation and influencing what programs you are currently running.  It will help you to see the patterns you are creating and why you continually attract the same "things" into your life. It will give you an understanding how changing choices at the point of action will change your karma.

akashic record soul realignment reading

Energetic Property Clearing

you chose a home that is most virationally a match for you


An Energetic Property clearing clears the negative and discordant energies within a property whether it is a home, rental property, business premises or land.

Clearings a conducted remotely using a combination of Akashic Records and remote viewing.

Once the energy is cleared you will find that your home or business is more successful and harmonious.  You will feel reconnected to it again.

SCENAR therapy is a holistic health approach to breaking chronic and acute pain cycles.

The SCENAR device is used for delivering non-invasive therapeutic treatment on the skin to regulate physiologic systems of the body in order to relieve and manage different pain-related pathologies.

SCENAR therapy may significantly  reducing the recovery time from sports injury and trauma. Relieves muscle tension, restores mobility, relieves discomfort and pain.

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Swords of Light

selenite swords of light

These powerful Selenite Swords of Light raise the frequency of the physical body and the energy systems.  They activate 5th dimensional light which initiates activation, transmutation and transformation of the light or etheric bodies, the Chakra System and Meridian System.

They enhance higher dimensions and multi-Verse awareness, initiate connection with Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms and activate the Seven Rays of Light.

A healing session with the Swords can be tailored to your needs - Light Body Activation, Chakra and pillar of light activation, energizing and raising the frequency of organ systems or physical body are some of the options available.

ULM Energy Blanket Healing Therapy = Restore, Reboot, Recover


The  ULM Energy Blanket helps proper regulation of  psycho-emotional and physiological functions, therefore it can be used as preventative care, treatment and consequential recovery in a wide range of disorders including chronic fatigue and emotional upheavals.

The effects of the blanket are achieved through the reflection of the patient's own extra-high frequency and infrared emissions back onto their body, reducing pain, stress and tension and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Beneficial as a stand alone treatment or after SCENAR therapy.

Pain Relief, Energy Healing, Scenar, NES Health, Akashic Records, Clear blocks and restrictions, Chakra Balance, Wellness, Wellbeing, natural healing, Health, Recovery,


Hi Wendy Thank You from the bottom of my heart for my Akashic Record Read & clearing. It was absolutely LIFE AFFIRMING! Truly invaluable! I have found myself stepping into deep trust of self and delving into exploring my gifts since. I have been sharing your details with family & friends. You are SO very gifted. SO much gratitude, Thank You Thank You Thank You!! Many thanks Ashley

Hi Wendy, that was an incredibly generous consultation you gave me today, Thank you, I already feel more comfortable in my own body Lee Sydney NSW

Over time I have endured several surgeries and other forms of therapy from massage, acupuncture and medical pain management therapies to overcome my constant back pain BUT the first treatment that Wendy performed was extremely positive for me!   The constant pain that I had just come to accept, was almost totally dispersed after just the first treatment.  Wendy's very relaxed professional conduct was very comfortable and reassuring and I will follow up with her recommended treatments. Her consultancy advice as to my future health and well-being is most valued. Thank you Wendy. Feeling motivated! Brett Brisbane

Wendy the Scenar home device is amazing for everyday use, Sarah had a headache last night, I got her to use Scenar and it was gone in a few minutes. The other day I kicked the wall in bare feet and thought I had broken my toe, it was black and swollen, then the next day I ran the wheelie bin over it, saw stars.... but after using Scenar a couple of times on it, it was almost better by day 2.Same with my finger, jarred it at netball, lucky I didn't have my wedding rings on as I wouldn't have been able to get them off, well I Scenar-ed that too and it is not even sore play.  And with my knee, it removes any pain within 20 mins.  Love it..  J Nelson

Thankyou I have had a big turn around, you saved me today. You're an angel .. bless x

Kylie D

Hey Wendy, I just listened to my Akashic Record Reading that you did for me again.  So Interesting! I keep laughing at how fatigued I always made myself doing things out of obligation. Thanks for doing that I appreciate it!  Tenille Coolum Beach

Thank you so much for doing the house clearing for us 🙂 Its exactly as you explained with the house! Especially the closets, we have precious little storage space in the house but the closets on the ground floor just feel so 'yuck' that I don't use them and moved the contents to a big storage box in the living room!! The feelings you explained too of confusion, frustration, anxiety, sadness, stuck-ness is exactly what we have felt since we moved into the house. That's so amazing how clearly you described everything!  We were definitely feeling a better through the latter part of last week, both of us just feeling a bit more connected to each other, cheerful and content. Thank you so much again, we very much appreciate it. Warm Wishes Paula Noosaville

Hi Wendy Many thanks for doing the Property clearing.  The report was very interesting to read.  I'm very happy that the clearing was done. One thing I need to share - when we were looking to buy this property, I consulted a person in my previous home town, to ask for some guidance about whether this was the place for us or not.  I had consulted her on a few previous occasions for spiritual guidance. To cut a long story short, she tuned in to the property and identified that part of it had been an aboriginal women's meeting place.  When I read your report and you highlighted the same thing, I knew you were on track. So glad to have asked you for this, and I'm very pleased to be meeting with you on my healing journey. I'm looking forward to my home now feeling lighter and brighter with more energy. Best wishes Helen.

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