Energy Healing Sunshine Coast

Embrace Your Path to Healing


Unlock the full spectrum of holistic wellness with Energetic Wellness, your partner in achieving balance and rejuvenation on the Sunshine Coast.

We blend timeless wisdom with cutting-edge practices to enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Find peace after a sun-soaked day at Mooloolaba Beach, relax after navigating the bustle of Nicklin Way, or restore your spirit by the serene Maroochy River.

Our sessions are meticulously shaped to align with your personal needs, empowering you to cultivate harmony and balance, no matter where you find yourself on the Sunshine Coast.

Meet Wendy Hunt - Your Healing Partner

Wendy Hunt, our dedicated Metaphysician and Lightworker, puts your holistic health first. Committed to sparking positive change, Wendy crafts a sacred, secure space uniquely yours.

Her supportive, empathetic approach ensures every session meets you right where you need it most. With a wealth of knowledge and a mission driven by heart, Wendy is here to guide you back to your best self—balancing body, mind, and soul.

A Distinctive Healing Approach

Energetic Wellness is known for its contemporary, bespoke approach to wellness. We stand out through genuine care and straightforward communication.

Our array of tools, from SCENAR Therapy to NES Health, is carefully selected and applied to meet your specific needs and challenges, offering more than just healing but a journey of transformation that honours your individual path.

Dive into Our Diverse Holistic Services

Discover the wide range of services at Energetic Wellness, all aimed at rejuvenating your whole self:

NES Health
Utilise body-field scanning to revitalise your energy and overall health.

Ontological Coaching
Foster profound personal change through deep insights.

Soul Realignment
Tap into your soul’s blueprint for true alignment with your essence.

ACE Flow
Remove energy blockages to heal both physically and emotionally.

Sacred Soul Alignment
Address spiritual and emotional blocks for deep healing.

Apply tapping methods to lessen emotional stress and promote recovery.

QHHT (Hypnosis)
Delve into past lives and the depths of your subconscious for significant healing insights.

SCENAR Therapy
Leverage biofeedback technology for effective pain relief and recuperation.

Tailored Healing for Core Emotional Recovery

Our focused sessions delve deep into emotional wounds, addressing issues like relationship strains, paternal damage, and childhood trauma.

Through employing precise energy alignment and various therapeutic tools, we don't just aim to heal but to catalyse profound personal growth. Each session is designed to confront and dispel past traumas, empowering you with a refreshed sense of self.

Preparing for Your Visit

Embark on your healing journey with these simple preparations to maximise the effectiveness of each session:

  • Come Dressed Comfortably: Wear clothes that allow you to relax completely.
  • Bring an Open Mind: Healing begins with openness to change and new experiences.
  • Session Flow:
    1. Initial Conversation: We start by discussing your needs and wellness goals.
    2. Setting Intentions: Together, we'll set clear intentions for what you wish to achieve.
    3. Healing Work: Dive into the healing process tailored specifically for you.

As your guide, Wendy provides direction, but remember, you are the navigator of your healing journey. This partnership involves active engagement from both sides to foster true healing.

Taking Charge of Your Healing Path

Empowerment is central to our philosophy. We equip you with the necessary tools and insights to sustain your healing beyond our sessions.

From setting boundaries to engaging in self-reflection and practising specific energetic exercises, the strategies we provide are intended to build on the work done during our sessions, ensuring enduring benefits.

Simple Booking and a Welcoming Community

Starting your healing journey is straightforward:

  1. Reach Out: Connect with us via phone, email, or our website.
  2. Schedule Your Session: Choose a time that fits your life.
  3. Confirm and Pay: Secure your spot and get ready for a transformative experience.

Heal, Grow, and Thrive in Sunshine Coast

At Energetic Wellness, we're dedicated to guiding you through a transformative healing experience that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit.

If you're grappling with emotional burdens, feeling stuck, or seeking a deeper sense of well-being, we're here to help. Take the first step towards a balanced and healthier life today.

Let us design a healing journey that perfectly aligns with your unique needs. Your path to wellness awaits—a journey filled with healing, growth, and profound transformation.