Energy Healing Noosa

Discover Serenity, Embrace Healing


Dive into the healing powers of energy therapy amidst Noosa's calm settings. At Energetic Wellness, we channel the peaceful vibe of landmarks like Noosa National Park and bustling Hastings Street, crafting personalised healing adventures. 

Each session is more than treatment—it's a sanctuary for you to enhance all facets of your health. Connect with your inner energies and achieve harmony surrounded by the suburb's natural beauty. 

Eager for change? Join us on this transformative journey today.

Meet Your Guide to Holistic Wellness - Wendy Hunt

Step into a healing space guided by Wendy Hunt, a devoted Metaphysician and Lightworker dedicated to bringing balance to your life. 

Wendy combines her extensive training in holistic therapies with a deep-seated commitment to nurturing your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. In our centre, every session is crafted in a compassionate environment, focusing on your wellness to ensure it aligns perfectly with your personal health objectives.

Deep Healing for Core Issues

We dive into the heart of your emotional scars with specialised healing modalities designed to heal deep-seated wounds. 

Our therapies, such as relationship healing, inner child sessions, and father wound healing, deeply explore your personal history to initiate profound emotional release and recovery. 

Each method is uniquely crafted to stir significant healing responses, steering you towards a restored sense of completeness and well-being.

Tailored Therapies for Complete Wellness

We personalise a variety of healing services to meet you exactly where you are:

NES Health
Applies body-field analysis science to rejuvenate energy flows.

Ontological Coaching
Fosters personal growth through existential exploration.

Soul Realignment
Corrects soul-level disruptions for harmonious living.

ACE Flow
Integrates body and mind with adaptive movement.

Sacred Soul Alignment
Removes spiritual blockages, unlocking new potentials.

Alleviates emotional distress with targeted tapping techniques.

QHHT (Hypnosis)
Unveils and heals with deep subconscious insights.

SCENAR Therapy
Uses biofeedback to relieve pain and enhance recovery.

Step Into Your Healing Space

Here's how to make the most of your session at Energetic Wellness:

  1. Arrive Relaxed: Wear comfortable clothes to your session to aid in your relaxation and facilitate the healing process.
  2. Open Mind and Heart: Approach your session with openness and readiness to fully engage in your healing.
  3. Personal Items: Bring along any personal items that provide comfort or have special meaning to your healing journey.
  4. Safety and Support: Rest assured that our sessions take place in a secure setting where your comfort and privacy are paramount.

Noosa - Your Sanctuary for Healing

Noosa's pristine environment and vibrant community spirit are integral to the healing journeys we support.

Its tranquil shores and dynamic energy not only enhance our holistic practices but also connect us deeply with local wellness advocates and community groups. This synergy ensures a comprehensive approach to fostering your health and well-being.

Schedule Your Path to Renewal

Facing daily stress without adequate support can leave you feeling isolated and drained. At Energetic Wellness, we recognise the importance of having a guiding hand on your path to health and wellness. That's why connecting with us is seamless. 

You can easily book a session via our online platform, give us a call, or send an email to explore how we can customise a healing experience for you. Our doors are open to anyone ready to restore their well-being in a nurturing and supportive environment.