Journey to WellNES Kit


  • Body-Field Remote Scanner ($120 value)*
  • 1-to-1 Phone or Skype Consultation w/Practitioner ($100 value)
  • The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing DVD ($29.95 value)
  • Emotional Stress Relief Infoceutical ($25)

$277.95 Value – all for $220 risk-free.

*Remote scanner software compatible with Windows only


Journey to WellNES kit – includes ESR Infocuetical, Living Matrix DVD, Client remote scanning device & software PLUS a free Skype consultation


NES Pro-Vision scans the Human Body Field, simply by placing your hand on the  remote body field scanner, the scan which takes just seconds will identify the blockages and distortions in the flow of energy and information in your body and determine the priority for correcting them.  The scan is uploaded and sent to me for analysis.

The remote scanner can be used to scan all your family members, so it is a one-off investment in your families health and wellbeing. (one free consultation per device)


Your FREE initial consultation will be via Skype or phone at a convenient time, therefore you can live in Noosa, Australia or anywhere in the world and have access to the NES Health through Energetic Wellness.

Supports the entire body-field in releasing emotional stress. Especially soothing for the digestive tract and assists in the absorption of nutrients. Is neither a sedative nor a stimulant. May be applied topically to areas of physical trauma.


Full Length Video of the science of healing – discover the “Miracles of Healing” that traditional medicine can’t explain.

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