NES Imprinted Music – Nad Sundaram – Beautiful Sound.


Nad Sundaram is the latest imprinted music CD from NES Health. In Sanskrit Nada means “universal sound” or “sacred sound” and Sundaram “beautiful”. This CD weaves together ancient and sacred elements and instruments from many cultures with modern acoustic and electronic beats to create beautiful music. Our intention is to offer a truly inspiring sacred music experience, one that is as enjoyable as it is healing, relaxing and refreshing. This is a unique recording in that it blends vocal harmonics (overtones) with the instruments in original ways. The music can be used to enhance inner processes in workshops and healing sessions or simply to enrich your day-to-day experience of life. Each composition has been created with clear intention and minute attention to detail. This CD celebrates all that is beautiful in life: love, peace, harmony, compassion, joy-and even a hint of sadness, which highlights this beauty and helps us toappreciate it more profoundly.

This CD is a very different type of music, each track resonates with one or more of the seven major energy centres called Chakras. It has been created by Nestor Kornblum, Michele Averard, Carlos Pons and Harry Massey. Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard are the directors and the co-founders of the Spanish and international associations of Sound Therapy. Go to for more information.

Track Information:

Each of the seven tracks resonates with one or more of the seven main energy centres, called Chakras, which are located along the spine in the areas of the principal glands of the body. The music can thus be used to harmonise, balance and enhance the free-flow of energy in these centres. Each track is also encoded with information provided by Harry Massey of NES Health Limited based on Peter Fraser’s decades of research into the human body-field. The music is imprinted with information in accordance with the original intention for each of the 7 chakras.

Track List:

1. Shanti Peace
2. Mediterráneo
3. Kuan Yin
4. Still Point
5. Nad Sundaram
6. Awakening
7. Harmonic Intergration

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Based on Peter Fraser’s decades of research and his map of the Human Body-field, NES Health has created a first-of-a-kind audio experience through imprinting information onto music. The sounds and music are based on both ancient and modern science from the field of sound healing and therapy.

What Is Bioenergetics and Bioinformation?

Physicists speculate that information has a kind of substance that may be the most fundamental aspect of the universe. NES has been researching the bio-information of the human body-field for more than 25 years. The body-field is the structured network of information and energy that underlies the physical body and drives physiology. Everything in your physical body needs to know what to do and when to do it with astonishing precision. Also included is information from other aspects of the body-field that are bioenergetically related to releasing emotional shocks and promoting mental integrity and vitality. Bioenergetics relates to the energy needed to move everything in your body and Bioinformation is the information it receives – the information of life.

Nad Sundaram – Beautiful Sound – Nad Sundaram is the latest imprinted music CD from NES Health. The music can be used to harmonise, balance and enhance the free-flow of energy in the seven Chakras.


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